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Cleanse Your Body - Effective On All Toxins


Detoxification of hair, breath, skin and saliva are critical to ensure that you will flush toxins completely to pass any test. Ultra Pure Natural Products produce the highest quality at an affordable price.

Pass your test the same day!

Cleanse your system the healthy way for confidence in random testing situations. Our products are fast acting to help quickly.

Order today to prevent failure!

Cleansing your body, inside and out:
  •   Quality, price and convenience
  •   Effective on all toxins
  •   Use for hair, saliva and urine testing
  •   Safe, proven results



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Detox products:
Urine Test (Pills)
Urine Test (Drinks)
Hair Test
Saliva Test

We are the least expensive cleansers -
high quality - low prices - don't get ripped off!

Made in USA

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